Saturday, December 27, 2014

Double Standards

                 There exists a remarkable  phenomena in the political world. When Republicans are in the minority, they are universally  branded as ‘obstructionists’ if they try to uphold  the principles of the people who voted for them. “The people voted, they have spoken loud and clear, just let us  perform the people’s work” their opponents cry. Yet, when they constitute a majority, they are constantly told that they ‘have to reach across the aisle’ and work in a bipartisan and civil manner with the Democrats…or else minorities will be persecuted and nothing will get done. And we know how the people hate a stalemated, ‘do-nothing’ Congress. It is always the Republicans, especially the non-R.I.N.O.’s of course, that are asked to accommodate the other side!
                It’s a bit like the concept of ‘dissent’. When Democrats dissent from a Republican administration, it is universally proclaimed as ‘patriotic’, and even heroic. Remember the bumper stickers that were popular late in the George W. Bush administration? 'Dissent Is Patriotic?' (Or, 'Somewhere a Village is Missing It's Idiot')?
                However, when Republicans dissent from the Democrats position it is reactionary, racist, sexist, and/or damn near  traitorous!
                Absolutely amazing.
Remember the Kosovo War? The conflict had nothing to do with the United States’ national interest, but the Clinton administration stated repeatedly with trembling lips that everyone must support the military effort that our freckle-faced lads who loved baseball, apple-pie, their mothers and their country were expending in that arena. Vietnam, Iraq, Iran? Most of them denigrated our efforts in these regions, especially as time went by.
The War on Terror? Kinda bored with that. Let it go. We actually tried to officially and unilaterallyend” it. The President gave a speech saying, “the War on Terror is over”  back in May 2013. How’s that working out for us so far? I guess we can only fight so many existential threats at a time.

We need to put our precious resources into the fight against “the War on Women.”

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