Friday, December 5, 2014


                  The Minnesota State High School League overwhelmingly voted to open up girls sports to transgender (those kids who were born male but “identify” as female) student-athletes yesterday, December 4th. In fact, 18 of the 20 board members voted yes, with one courageously abstaining. One voted no.
                “ALL kids deserve respect,” read some printed signs held by supporters of the measure and provided by  the group ‘Transforming Families.’”
                Estimates by the Transgender Law Center itself, based in California, put 0.3% of the population as transgender. In truth, the other 99.7% were ‘disrespected’ (to use a newly-minted verb I dislike and rarely acknowledge).
                To wit, the Minnesota Family Council, a Christian-based advocacy group that promotes and defends biblical principles in public policy matters, proposed a bylaw change stipulating that a student’s sex at birth be used to determine eligibility.
                It wasn’t even considered.
                That proposal was backed by a petition of over 5,500 people and a mix of 28 public and private high schools. Those numbers equate to percentages that are many times greater than the percentage of transgender kids in our schools. Whose voice is being ignored?
                The board’s vote also added “transgender language”  to its 'fair hearing' procedure.
                League Executive Director Dave Stead said, “There was nothing that was done today that would prevent a school from being a member of the High School League. Not one scintilla.”
                Poor use of the language aside, that is technically true.
                And utterly meaningless in the larger sense.
                There is nothing keeping Protestants or Catholics from joining the Muslim Brotherhood, either. Or joining a Paganism group. Except of course for deeply held beliefs, and some of the more fanatical Muslim’s desire to convert or enslave  those who disagree with them.

                “Translogic” has won the day.

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