Saturday, December 6, 2014

An Ode To Google

                I write about some serious (and some not so serious!) topics in this blog. This blog sits on a Google-based platform. My views are, I know, not always in harmony with Google’s or likely many/most of its employees. I suspect that in many cases they are, in fact, opposed to ‘theirs’.
                That is why I am taking the time and space to thank them. Believe me, it is not a               sycophantic or ‘kissing-up’ gesture. I, with my tiny new  blog, have not been asked to write anything nor would bring any discernible benefit to them.
                We live in a hyper-sensitive, politically-correct country and world. Some of my views don’t resonate with everyone. That’s okay. I  do try to tell ‘the truth’ as I am given the ability to see it. And I also wish to entertain with obvious parodies, ala’ “the Onion”. (I do not possess quite the talent of some of the writer’s in that now nearly Iconic publication, but I have fun doing it).
                That said, this is still, apparently, America and the truly important things are overriding and hopefully everlasting. First and foremost freedom of speech, without which all other freedoms go away. Please know no matter my views, I do not advocate violence against any group or individual and will not unless, as do terrorists and  world wars, they present an existential danger to the United States and its citizens. Some might be shocked to know that I wouldn’t care if all my best friends were African-American, or that I had a gay friend and that I don’t believe all Muslims  have terrorist tendencies. But that doesn’t obscure the fact that I don’t believe in the full-on recognition of gay marriage as equal to heterosexual marriage, for example. And I will keep writing what I believe, as passionately as I can.
                Hopefully I write with enough competence and cleverness, at least on occasion, to keep you all interested. Thank you all for visiting this blog.
                Thank you Google for this (free) platform. And for reaffirming that this is still America, after all.


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