Thursday, December 18, 2014

California To Change Name?

January 29, 2015
News Syndicate-
The California legislature announced yesterday plans to permanently change the state’s name to “C-Forn.” The proposal will go before the state’s voters in a special election this November where the referendum on changing the state’s long-held name is expected to pass easily.
Sponsors of the bill say that the new name will be “cooler and hipper” and “more progressive.”
Nancy Pelosi stated that, “the new name is shorter, I think, and therefore easier to say. Also, nobody could spell California- or whatever- before, so that’s a plus too. And guess what? A lot of constituents couldn’t pick out our state on a map before, but since the proposed new name will be  shorter, that means each letter spelling out our state can now be much bigger on any atlas or map and therefore easier to see and read!”
Many C-Forn lawmakers brought up the fact that this proposal is in keeping with the “linguistic and nomenclatural changes that have been ongoing for years now.”
Pelosi stated, “look at Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees, for example. Nobody calls him that anymore…it’s always ‘A-Rod’. Jennifer Lopez? I think not. It’s J-Lo. I mean, the television show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is now referred to as simply ‘HIMYM’, right? And it’s not ‘American Oil Company’ now, it’s Amoco.”
Other states have recently considered  shortening their  names, as well. Massachusetts is one state rumored to be considering the action. Moreover, there was a bill proposed in the Arkansas state legislature last session that would’ve shortened that states name to ‘Kansas’. It was tabled only after one member pointed out that there was already a state with that name, and that the change might invite  much confusion.

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