Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dead Babies

                 Dead babies. Approximately one million abortions  are performed in the United States each year. Roughly one-third of American women have an abortion by age 45. Yet Katha Pollitt, a left-wing columnist has authored a new book “Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights” in which she avers that momentum is on the side of abortion opponents. Most in the mainstream media who’ve reviewed the book are lavishing it with effusive praise, touting its “intellectual vigor” and “moral clarity”, etc. Many take the opportunity to expound on their own abortions. The author is actually upset that even many “pro-choicers” speak of abortion as regrettable or even tragic and that anyone should believe that it should only be chosen after serious consideration.
                Yet it is the virulent “pro-choice” minority that somehow convinced the Supreme Court to rule that every state in the country must adhere to something at least similar to their desired policy.
                 Pollitt and her fellow  Kool-Aid drinkers actually claim that a living human organism lacks any moral standing because it is “the size of a lima bean.” Well, I guess size does matter. A matter of life and death, apparently. So much for the weak, the defenseless, the little guy or gal. (Especially the gal in many parts of the world. Female babies have been famously aborted in China, and in large swaths of the world young females have their clitorises cut out to deny them sexual pleasure. But, come to think of it, they’re about the size of a lima bean too, so no big deal). Yes, trivial matters concerning conception and the soul are moot depending on your size! Well, even that doesn’t matter as she goes on to state that abortions should be a viable alternative to contraception and should be legal thru the full term. And she seems to be impatient with the continued existence of pro-lifers. Well, that actually is consistent, as she is impatient with the existence of millions of “fetuses” as well. Intellectual rigor and moral clarity, you know.
                In reviewing this book, Slate’s Hanna Rosin writes that, “frankly, in 2014, it should be no big deal that in a movie a young woman has an abortion…and it’s no big deal.”
                That is simply not true. “Ladies,” your mother could have taken away your “right to choose” by exercising her own. Is that not a “big deal?”
                Instead of blasting those they disagree with and thanking the Supreme Court, perhaps they should be thanking….their mothers.


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