Thursday, December 11, 2014

"Furfest" Disrupted In Chicago

According to an Associated Press report from Monday, December 8th, “Chlorine gas sickened several people and forced the evacuation of thousands of guests from a suburban Chicago hotel early Sunday, including many dressed in cartoonish animal costumes for an annual furries convention who were ushered across the street to a convention center hosting a dog show.”
So, one convention center was hosting a ‘furries’ convention and another across the street was simultaneously hosting a dog show. Then the ‘furries’ were put in the same convention center as the ‘doggies’. What are the odds? What are the odds that there may have been some confusion there? Reactions likely were priceless. Film at 11.
According to reports the source of the gas was likely chlorine powder deliberately left in a ninth-floor stairwell at the hotel. Investigators are therefore treating it as a criminal matter- as well they should.
Within hours, emergency workers decontaminated the Hyatt Regency O’Hare and allowed people- and furries- back inside. (I bet they were furrious!). “Six-foot-tall rabbits, foxes and dragons poured into the lobby,” according to the article. “’I think we’ll recover from this’, said Kit McCreedy, of Madison, Wis., his foxtail swinging behind him as he headed back inside for the last day of the Midwest FurFest.”  ‘Kit?’. Really? A fox?
Several thousand people attended Furfest, also called 'Anthrocon,' in which attendees celebrate animals that are anthropomorphic- meaning they’ve been given human characteristics- through art, literature and performance. (There is another dimension to the Furries which we won't delve into here). It is indeed a wild and woolly- okay ‘furrie’- world in which we live.

The poor hotel staff. I bet the place was a zoo.

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