Saturday, December 20, 2014

Abortion As Birth-Control?

                There are many in the ‘pro-choice’ movement making statements such as “abortion is just another tool in birth-control.” That is-or should be- shocking and disgusting. That is like saying that “the Nazi Holocaust was just another tool in the fight against over-population.” If we cannot recognize that anything might actually be immoral, especially the arbitrary taking of innocent life for our convenience, we are- at best- at a societal tipping-point. If we are so hyper-tolerant that we’ve become desensitized to any act, no matter how selfish and brutal, we are not likely to ever climb out of this cultural abyss. Worshipping only at the altar of tolerance, we lose sight of good and evil…or openly mock the concepts themselves in order to believe that they don’t exist. This hardy belief in the non-existence of any absolute ethical standards is a hallmark of modern day progressivism. They tend to place great faith in the meaninglessness of faith.
                This is just another irony from those who claim to want a kinder, more civil and civilized society or ‘community’. What they really want is what they think is best-and/or easiest- for them. They just don’t want to feel bad about it or have others question their motives and actions.

                Abortion as ‘birth-control’ or ‘prevention’ is ludicrous. By definition you can only abort what is already in existence or under way.
                 A few radicals even believe we should allow after-birth abortions to be put in the category of 'birth-control', which is ludicrous by definition. If the baby was born, there was a birth...that wasn't 'controlled'. There can be no such thing as an 'after-birth abortion'. That would be murder. 
                 We've certainly been remarkably successful in aborting logic and character.

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