Tuesday, December 23, 2014

M.O.A. Protest/M.I.A. Protest

                Thousands of people- of all races-  descended on the Mall of America on Saturday, December 20th to protest the recent, well-known, deaths of a couple of black males at the hands of white police officers. These protests happened all across the country in one form or another and in varying sizes. In Ferguson, Missouri, stores were looted and vandalized.
                That’s an interesting, if illogical, reaction to indignant cries of innocents being the arbitrary victims of wrong-doing. These shop-owners, and their employees, had absolutely nothing to do with the alleged police ‘attacks’. Nor did they rob a convenience store earlier, rush a policeman or scuffle with one in his patrol-car. Most, if not all, didn’t have a criminal record.
                On the Black Lives Matter Face-book page, a statement  claimed “The police and security shut down the ENTIRE mall for hours- amazing work everyone!” Yes, that’s what we need, economic terrorism.
                So, now  a black man in New York City randomly assassinates two white police officers Saturday, December 20th. He had earlier announced, on an Instagram account, that he was going to take action against the ‘pigs’, stating “they take one of ours, let’s take two of theirs.” He used the hash-tag ‘Shoot-the-police’ among others. This, again, was a random killing of true innocents. Before shooting and killing the two police officers, he had gone to the home of a former girlfriend and shot and wounded her.
                How big will the protests be for the two randomly- murdered New York policemen? I’m guessing malls around America will soon be swamped with people irate over this injustice. Right?


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