Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gender Blender- Part II

                The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) is considering a ‘transgender’ athletic policy that would force almost 500 Minnesota schools, including private and religious ones, to allow transgender students to choose their gender team, and also possibly the locker room, showers, bathroom facilities and hotel accommodations they prefer/sexually ‘identify’ with, regardless of actual sex/anatomy.
                What could possibly go wrong? I can tell you what I would have chosen when I was in high school. “Yes, well, I have to tell you administrators in deepest seriousness, I ‘self-identify’ as a female. I mean a really feminine female at that. Therefore I feel I must play on their teams, be in the girls locker room, shower with them (preferably for very long times), and room with a girl named ‘Heather’, ‘Beth’, or ‘Tasha’ in hotels  while on road trips”.

                Talk about caving to the (tiny) minority whilst sticking it to the majority! The desire to be sympathetic to the GLBTG community is nothing short of overwhelming to educators, blinding them to any other issues or consequences.

*”The Minnesota State Hypothetically- Sexed League (MSHSL), where your gender is purely academic!”

*Homosexuals were first not much publicly spoken of, then the terms ‘gay’ and then ‘gay and lesbian’ came into prominence; then  ‘bisexual’ was added…and then ‘transgender’. Do we see a pattern? What are we going to add next to our all-inclusive, big-tent approach to sex and physical anatomy? GLBTG…IBN? (incest, bestiality, necrophilia)? And how will we combine them? Transgendered bestial incest?!!? (TGBI).

We need new rules for these enlightened modern times!

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