Monday, December 15, 2014

Kim Jong Un Demands the U.N. Change Name

January 6, 2015
News Syndicate-             

Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of North Korea, has now demanded that the ‘U.N.’ change its name. Recently he banned anyone else in his own country from having the name Jong Un, forcing thousands to change their names- or be nameless- with no prior notice.
In a speech delivered yesterday he stated, “I, Kim Jong Un, demand the United Nations drop the designation ‘U.N.’, as I am the only ‘UN’! They can either use the full name, United Nations, without every reducing it to ‘U.N.’ or, I suggest, change their name to  ‘Other Nations of the Earth that wish they were led by the Dear Leader (Kim Jong Un)!’  This could be shortened via acronym to ‘O.N.E. Dear Leader (Kim Jong Un)’ and even if it was referred to as the Un, at least it would be proper tribute to me.”
At the time of this reporting the United Nations was ‘considering’ what a United Nations spokesman referred to as the North Korean dictator’s ‘request’.



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