Saturday, March 9, 2024

Federal Judge Rules $1.7 Trillion Budget Bill Unconstitutionally Passed. So?


A federal judge has ruled that the House of Representatives acted unconstitutionally in December 2022 when it passed a $1.7 trillion federal budget, the largest spending bill in U.S. history, using proxy voting.

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi allowed proxy voting using the pretext of COVID-19, after which President Biden signed the bill into law. Fewer than half of all House members showed up to vote in person. The judge said Speaker Nancy Pelosi violated the Constitution by permitting the mass absentee voting.

But, hey, that’s kind of Democrats’ thing, right? It shouldn’t be surprising. They love proxy voting-- via mail, or online, or smoke signal, carrier pigeon, etc., etc. They’ll do anything so that votes can’t be properly vetted and counted.

Judge’s ruling or no, what’s to be done about this now? It may be unconstitutional, but you can be certain it will remain law.

And the money won’t be unspent.


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