Wednesday, March 20, 2024

"Lies At 11"


            Reports indicate that the perpetually white-nosed Hunter Biden had access to then-Vice President Joe Biden’s Top-Secret materials-- including those containing national defense information pertaining to U.S. troop deployment while he was on vacation in Nantucket. You can be sure you will not be seeing in-depth reports and analysis of this little fact on mainstream media outlets. They are too busy falsely claiming that Donald Trump said there would be a “bloodbath” in the country if he didn’t win the presidency in the upcoming November election. (Trump was obviously speaking specifically about the potential collapse of the auto industry, nothing else.)

The mainstream media is a joke now. A laughingstock. So preposterously biased that the majority of people no longer believe anything it says. Many, in fact, me among them, now automatically assume the opposite of whatever those outlets say. And it must be said they earn this disbelief and scorn every day. The blatant, provable lying about Donald trump never ceases, nor does the pathetically blatant covering up for President Biden.

If long-term business associates of Hunter Biden testified under oath that, say, Hunter funneled $5 million in Chinese funds to “the Big Guy,” his father President Joseph R. Biden, and said that they personally witnessed President Biden pocketing the cash and saying “I love those Chi-coms and will do anything they ask,” it would remain largely unreported. Instead, they would all claim, in nearly identical verbiage, that the “Republicans’ ‘bombshell’ allegations turned out to be a big nothing burger.” They would simply further state that President Biden “was mostly vindicated,” and that the testimony “essentially exonerates the president.”

On the other hand, if Trump were to offhandedly say, “I’d like to have another shot at the presidency,” the media would state, breathlessly and in unison: “Donald Trump said he wants to assassinate President Biden!”

(It is, however, apparently okay for leftist media personalities such as Keith Obermann to muse about Trump being assassinated.)

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