Friday, March 8, 2024

MSNBC Panel Laughs At Virginia Voters' Illegal Immigration Concerns


A recent MSNBC panel led by Rachel Maddow appeared incredulous that Virginia voters are concerned about illegal immigration and would like to see our borders secured. The diverse all-woman panel yucked it up over the backwardness of the rubes of Old Dominion. Maddow noted that Virginia does share a border with West Virginia, however, and intimated that perhaps the voters should be more concerned with keeping the deplorable yahoos in that state from entering Virginia.

This was a remarkably repulsive—and public-- display of disdain for average Americans, even for the likes of MSNBC. Especially considering that illegal immigration now ranks as the number one concern among Americans overall, for several excellent reasons—expense, crime and human and drug trafficking among them.

It is hard to imagine a group of alleged “journalists” being more out of touch. Given the tone of conversation, it wouldn’t have been surprising to hear Maddow or one of her associates exclaim, “Let them eat cake!” (Or cereal.)

Sadly, Maddow’s show is quite popular. Still, it is hard to believe there are those who get their “news” from despicable clowns like these.


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