Monday, March 25, 2024

X Post Explains The Great Replacement Plan


Elon Musk recently posted what is—or should be—a devastating video ad (“infomercial?”) by Western Lensman exposing the Democrats plan to utilize The Great Replacement to solidify their power for the foreseeable future. Please watch the video. It is well worth one minute and thirty-nine seconds of your time. The video illuminates the Democrats’ Seven-Step Program for winning elections and obtaining a permanent majority, effectively making the United States a one-party state. (Synonyms for one-party state are: authoritarian regime, autocracy, oligarchy, Marxist-Leninist regime, fascist regime, police state, people’s republic, dictatorship, and banana republic, among others.)

Whether this is a formalized plan or an ad hoc one—and I strongly believe it is the former—it is fiendishly clever and already on the verge of success. It is no exaggeration to say that many of today’s leading Democrats are utterly amoral…if not breathtakingly immoral. Many—if not most—want nothing so much as unchallenged power in perpetuity. This corrosive lust makes them do things like attempt to throw their political opposition in jail and turn on their own citizens.

It is hard for a decent person to believe, but the truth is they are using you and I to get rid of you and I-- or at least render us irrelevant.

The Founders would be aghast. This makes taxation without representation look like child’s play.

And makes those of us putting up with this look like children.

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