Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Study Says U.S. Textbooks Incorrectly Portray Sex, Gender


This just in: men and women are not different. (Okay, “experts” have been trying to get us to believe that for some time now, but it still seemed fun to write.) While a recent study did not explicitly say that, one published in the journal “Science” claims that many textbooks used in U.S. classrooms don’t properly distinguish between sex and gender, which are, apparently, considered two very different things by modern science.

The textbooks were taken to task because they didn’t allow for the unimaginably vast number of genders now considered to be extant—and on a continuum. (A very long continuum indeed!) The study avers that the archaic belief in fewer than an unlimited number of genders contradicts scientific understanding……thus proving that science isn’t what it used to be. And probably never was.

The scientists/experts say that, just because a person has male genitalia, we must not assume that that person is male, and if a person has female body parts/genitalia, e.g. a vagina, we shouldn’t arbitrarily assume that person is female.

Assumptions?! If we can’t assume that females are girls and males are boys…we are in real trouble as a society and a species. If men and women aren’t different—and the concepts of sex and gender are not even knowable, we may as well start closing up shop now.

Why stop at expunging musty old notions of sex and gender from our nation’s textbooks? Let’s look at what other “misguided assumptions” they may be promoting. The Earth is round? The Holocaust was bad? Lincoln was assassinated?

What the hell?! If we can’t assume water is wet or fire hot…we as a species will eventually go the way of the passenger pigeon…which were, by-the-way, hunted to extinction. They did not lose their ability to differentiate males from females nor decide that gender is a vast spectrum largely determined by one’s environment.

If we can’t say men and women are different, and possess unique and complimentary body parts, if we can’t state the truth, we are engaging in tortured fantasy. And sacrilege. We will have failed God and nature…and ultimately ourselves.


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