Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Canadians Also Unhappy With Their Country's Direction


Prepare to read a remarkable statement: “everything is broken in this country.”

According to a recent poll, 70 percentseventy!— of Canadians agreed with that assertion. Those surveyed say that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s (radically) Liberal government is too focused on climate change and the war in Ukraine, and not dealing with issues important to them, such as the high—and rising—cost of living.

Everything is broken in this country.”

Much the same is true in America, where the (radically) progressive Biden administration is obsessed with battling climate change, funding the war in Ukraine, and making sure that everyone’s preferred pronouns—and bathroom choices—are honored. The parallels are striking. The majority of Americans want the government to get their southern border under control, and the consequent drug and sex trafficking to be eliminated or greatly reduced. They also want crime-- and inflation-- to be reduced. And the budget deficit, too.

And, sadly, there is another striking parallel. Canadians and Americans have agreed for some time now that their respective countries are going in the wrong direction. Yet, in both nations, the same (or similar) politicians that caused the problems-- or who at least refuse to address the issues their constituents/citizens care most about—keep getting elected. In fact, in the U.S., a great many who flee from “blue” states to “red” states apparently end up voting…as their fellow blue state residents did.

How can this be? There are only three possibilities: 1) Many Canadians and Americans are too ignorant of the causes and effects of politicians and their policies to vote in a manner that would allow for the changes they claim to want. 2) They really don’t want what they claim to want…or at minimum prioritize policy prescriptions differently privately than publicly. Or 3) The vast number of liberals/Democrats/progressives/Marxists and Deep Staters comprising our national/state/provincial governments, in collaboration with their sycophants in the media and academia, are, in diverse and inclusive ways, cheating—and stealing our elections hidden in plain sight.

Time is short. At this point, the only way we can fix our broken nations is to commit to doing everything possible, no matter the time or effort required. This means attending caucuses and school board meetings, acting as election volunteers, calling/writing/emailing/texting your elected officials, writing local op-eds or blog posts, and generally doing whatever else it takes to aid your cause…and your candidates. People on The Left always do this. We must match—or exceed their efforts if we are to win. I know this is tough, as most of us have jobs, families, and commitments. But we must do this anyway.

And most of all, we must tell the truth—always and forever-- and not shy away from uncomfortable discussion or conflict.

Only in this way will we see to it that “We the People,” in order to make a more perfect Union, are never ignored again.








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