Friday, March 29, 2024

Media Trucking Around With The Truth Again (A.K.A. Lying)


New York Times columnist Nick Kristof recently reposted a preposterous NPR claim meant to make Israel look bad in its war against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

The NPR report stated in part: “A Jordanian official says 30,000 trucks are backed up at the main border crossing with Egypt, waiting for Israeli approval to enter.”  

So Kristof, fully in the grips of IDS (Israel Derangement Syndrome), took to ‘X’ to repost this and note: .@janearraf of @NPR quotes a Jordanian official as saying that 30,000 aid trucks are stuck at the Egypt/Gaza border, waiting for Israeli approval to enter Gaza, with some Jordanian trucks stuck there for the last two months. Meanwhile, Gaza kids starve.

Social media critics like John Greenburg pointed out the absurdity of such statements. Greenburg calculated that 30,000 relief trucks would occupy 271 miles of roadway. (For comparison, Israel itself is 263 miles long and 71 miles wide.) We’d be treated to incessant aerial views of this relief truck traffic jam were it remotely true. The truth is that Israel has done more than any other nation in the history of urban warfare to limit “innocent” civilian casualties. As I have noted—several times-- previously, the mainstream media has become a shameless purveyor of lies, and, as such, truly an enemy of the people.

The mainstream Media: Fact free news! Now with extra bias!

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