Tuesday, March 12, 2024

California To Help "Undocumented Immigrants" Purchase Homes?


California Assemblymember Joaquin Arambula has introduced Assembly Bill 1840, aimed at expanding homeownership opportunities for “undocumented immigrants” in the state. The bill would make illegal aliens eligible for first time homebuyer loans. The bill, as originally introduced earlier this year, was aimed at low and middle-income citizens, but Arambula apparently decided that was too exclusive, and therefore recently proposed his updated version.

This is yet another kick in the shorts to citizens, especially since the formerly Golden State has the highest priced housing—and by far the most homeless people—in the nation. California is already the only state to fund comprehensive health care for undocumented immigrants. And it has a stupefying projected budget deficit of $73 billion with an average personal debt of $84,730…which “undocumented immigrants” undoubtedly will not have to pay.

Illegal migrants pouring across our southern border have allegedly been handed credit cards and cell phones. In some cases, they are being put up in very nice hotels. Moreover, residents in places like New York City have been asked to take these immigrants into their own homes.

On top of all this, countless billions of taxpayer dollars have been sent to fund the war in Ukraine. Because, you know, Democrats believe the Ukrainian border is inviolate!

It is time for all sane citizens to admit that Replacement Theory is obviously, self-evidently, true. The current administration welcomes illegals in, despite or because of the effect it has on you and I. It will put illegals up at The Ritz or ask us to house them ourselves. “Mi casa es su casa.”

Or perhaps, if the latest version of bill 1840 passes, they can purchase your home if you can no longer afford it.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of hearing about “undocumented immigrants.” What about unappreciated citizens?!

If these latest actions by Democrats don’t bring home the fact that they prefer illegal aliens over American citizens, nothing will. It is mindboggling to me that Joe and Joanne Citizen, the “deplorables” in flyover country, the rubes supposedly clinging to their God and their guns, haven’t thrown more of a fit over being used like doormats by elected elites who obviously much prefer peoples from other lands. It is long past time “We the People,” actual taxpaying American citizens, stand up and say, “We’re as mad as helland we’re not going to take this anymore!”



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