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Regularly Sporadic Current Events Quiz (#12)



Regularly Sporadic Current Events Quiz (#12)

Can you get a perfect score?


1)      Taylor Swift has recently been dating:

a)       Alec Baldwin

b)      Ben Shapiro

c)       Travis Kelce

d)      Aaron Rodgers

e)      Justin Trudeau

2)      New York City recently launched a program to give its illegal aliens:

a)       Tickets to a Taylor Swift concert

b)      Prepaid credit cards (that could be worth up to $1,000 a month for a family of 4

c)       Free lessons in origami

d)      A complimentary bus ride to a “red” state of their choosing

e)      Cradle-to-grave care for life

3)      Democrat staffers recently used the Hart Office Building to produce a video featuring:

a)       Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

b)      Pope Francis

c)       Michelle Obama

d)      Two men engaging in anal sex

e)      Senators seriously discussing lowering taxes

4)      150 Democrats recently voted against deporting illegal migrants when they are caught:

a)       Entering the country illegally

b)      Jaywalking

c)       Drunk driving

d)      Attending a Taylor Swift concert

e)      c, but also effectively a as well

5)      Due to Biden administration actions and/or inactions Iran will likely soon:

a)       Possess a nuclear weapon

b)      Host a Taylor Swift concert

c)       Host the summer Olympics

d)      Redouble efforts to kill Americans and Israelis

e)      Both a and d

6)      It appears likely that Donald Trump will select___________ as his running mate for 2024:

a)       Nikki Haley

b)      Either Tim Scott or Kristi Noem

c)       Oprah Winfrey

d)      Either Kid Rock or Taylor Swift

e)      Rachel Maddow

7)      Many pundits believe _____________ will replace Biden as the Democratic nominee for 2024:

a)       Gavin Newsome

b)      Rachel Maddow

c)       Either Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsome

d)      Taylor Swift

e)      Jimmy Carter

8)      There are increasingly worrying signs that China may soon attack:

a)       Taiwan

b)      The United States

c)       Hong Kong

d)      Taylor Swift

e)      Zimbabwe

9)      The Minnesota Timberwolves are currently the best team in the NBA’s Western Conference. This means that ____________:

a)       There are now ice skaters in hell

b)      Pigs can, in fact, fly

c)       Miracles really do occur

d)      You should run out and buy a lottery ticket

e)      Big Foot’s existence has been proven

1  During a recent speech, President Biden _________________________:

a)       Appeared to forget the names of the current leaders of both China and South Korea

b)      Appeared to brag about his ability to launch nuclear weapons

c)       Called former President Trump “Congressman Trump” (Trump never served in Congress)

d)      Said that he once hunted unicorns

e)      a, b, and c


Correct answers: c, b, d, c, e, b, c, a, c, e

Rating: 0-2 correct—Ivy League graduate?

              3-5 correct—Turn off “The View”

              6-8 correct—Not bad

              9 or 10 correct—Impressive!


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