Monday, February 5, 2024

"MAGA" Versus "Fundamental Transformation"


It is staggering to me that so many Democrats and media members, but I repeat myself, get away with sneeringly labeling “MAGA” as a bad thing, “MAGA” supporters as backward thugs. Nowhere is this more true than in the case of President Biden, who smears “MAGA” as if its adherents sport horns and chant “Heil Hitler.”

This for a phrase that means nothing more—or less—than “Make America Great Again” and a commitment to make it so. Who wouldn’t want to make America great, once or again? Only the most depraved of people.

And yet……there is no real pushback against these ridiculous smears, the libel, the slander.

Contrast this extreme negative connotation of “Make America Great Again” with the absolute pass Barack Obama was given when he told Americans his inauguration was going to lead to “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” He talked incessantly of fundamental change, a virtual transformation. At the time, most Americans considered the U.S. the greatest nation on Earth. So did a great many other folks around the globe. (And, objectively speaking, there were many good reasons for that belief.) But not Barack (or Michelle) Obama. You don’t fundamentally transform what you like, love, or respect.

So, “fundamentally transforming” the U.S. was fine and dandy, but attempting to “Make America Great Again” is beyond the pale? In what kind of bizarro world are we living?

The most authoritarian, anti-democratic, power hungry party in American history claims its only viable political opponent is… authoritarian, anti-democratic, and power hungry. So much so, in fact, that its leader needs to be put in prison for the good of the democracy. Remarkably, Democrats-- and their sycophants in the media-- say this with a straight face. Even after Trump got more votes than any prior presidential candidate in history.

And they keep saying it, even after Trump won the Republican caucus in Iowa with record numbers. And even after he easily won in New Hampshire days later. And the fake news media aids and abets the Democrats every moment of every day. If you look at the counties that Trump won in 2024, the map of the United States appears almost uniformly red.

And yet…the president, his party, and the mainstream media never cease demonizing—and that is not too strong of a word—the vast numbers of citizens that support Trump, or, more to the point, making their nation great again. This is truly remarkable, possibly unprecedented. And it certainly wouldn’t—couldn’t—happen if they weren’t cock-sure they hold all the cards. Nor would this be the case if they actually believed “MAGA” types and Trump supporters were violent fascists bent on insurrection.

Unfortunately, Obama was successful in “fundamentally transforming” the nation he led—and previously despised.

It is up to the rest of us to make America great again. If we are to do just that, we must not care if we are called “extremists,” “far-right,” “deplorables,” or anything else. Coming from these clowns, it should be considered a badge of honor.


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