Sunday, February 18, 2024

President Biden Installing "Roadblocks" For Trump?


A new Associated Press report claims that the Biden administration, urged on by a group of leftist “experts” and “legal advisers,” is prepping for the possible return of Donald Trump to the White House…by installing “roadblocks" to inhibit Trump's ability to fire government workers and otherwise make changes he may deem necessary to make the country great again.

It never stops with these people. The more they talk of saving “our democracy,” the more they do to undermine it. Though the AP may look at this as a good thing, if true the claims are gravely serious. Negating citizens’ votes and denying the will of the people is as undemocratic as it gets-- not to mention disgusting, criminal, unconstitutional, and treasonous.

Siccing federal intelligence agencies on Trump, covering up his political opponents “shenanigans” and crimes, lying under oath, arbitrarily changing states’ voting laws, ushering in massive mail-in voting, somehow receiving and/or counting hundreds of thousands of votes for Biden in the middle of the night with almost none for Trump, launching endless spurious lawsuits against Trump with the intention of preventing him from campaigning and putting him in prison, and threatening to pack the court and end the filibuster are just some of the things Democrats, Deep Staters, and assorted other never-Trumpers have done, almost all with the stated intention of “preserving our democracy.”

Mindboggling. Joseph Stalin, Chairman Mao, and Pol Pot weren’t much more opposed to democracy…and were far less hypocritical.

And yet Democrats, Deep Staters, and assorted other never-Trumpers always seem to get away with it. Always.

At some point, that is on those of us who purport to be fond of our democratic republic…and those who would make it great again.


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