Thursday, February 8, 2024

Indian Immigrants Flee American Public Schools


U.S. schools are increasingly becoming the new concentration camps, with modern-day Dr. Mengele supporters advocating for medical experiments to be conducted on children while their parents are kept in the dark.

Case in point: a married couple, immigrants from India, recently felt compelled to return to their home country after their daughter’s Olympia, Washington elementary school encouraged her “gender transition”…and hid it from her parents.

Encouraging a young child to “change” genders is monstrous. Keeping that from his or her parents is possibly even worse.

American schools no longer excel in much, but they are ever better at the twin doctrines of indoctrination and mutilation. And that is something to hang your hat on, whatever your gender. Right?

Schools are shedding their traditional names faster than autumn leaves in a hurricane, removing the likes of Jefferson and Washington from their facades…lest they be considered bigoted or racist.

In the spirit of tolerance and transparency, they should be renaming themselves Mengele Academy, Auschwitz-Birkenau University, Treblinka Tech, Buchenwald Elementary, Bergen-Belsen Middle School, and The College of Dachau.


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