Thursday, February 15, 2024

U.N. Asked To Appeal Texas Bills


According to, something called the University of Texas Law Human Rights Clinic (!) filed a formal complaint with the United Nations recently on behalf of several LGBTQ+ organizations.

The complaint essentially petitions the UN to address various bills in the Texas legislature banning minors from drag queen shows, banning “sexually oriented performances” on public property that could be “reasonably expected to be viewed” by minors, and banning “educationally unsuitable, pervasively vulgar, and sexually explicit materials” in schools.

I mean, who could be against those things? And if a state has the audacity to enact laws it—and its residents—deem necessary, the world body should step in and prevent such egregious nonsense, right? A little pervasively vulgar, sexually explicit material never hurt a kid, right?

But the University of Texas Law Human Rights Clinic (UTLHRC) complaint doesn’t go far enough if you ask me. Here are some other things I’d like to see the UN pressure American states to do in the near future.

*Expand the legality and availability of hallucinogenic drugs for “recreational” use.

*See that every community with a population of 1,000 or more has its own Planned Parenthood clinic.

*Make ranked-choice mail-in balloting mandatory across the United States. EVERY PRECINCT IN EVERY STATE!

*Make all schools/teaching entities replace the word “history” with “her story,” as in American Herstory 1101.

*Ban the sale and possession of red hats.

*Ban the existence of “yacht clubs.”

*Remove MAGA from every word in the English language. Example: magazine (would become simply “zine,” as in, “What is that zine you are reading, Pat?”)

*Force Fox news and Newsmax off the air. And give massive subsidies to outlets such as MSNBC.

*Ban the manufacture and sale of all firearms—and lobby for the enactment of common-sense knife, bat, weedwhacker, rope, and candlestick control laws.

*See that every roadway in the United states features at least as many bike lanes as lanes for automobiles.

*Ban gasoline powered generators, lawn equipment, etc.

*Make every city in America with a population of more than 250,000 a “fifteen-minute city” by enacting and enforcing strict zoning standards.

              Wouldn’t that be UNbelievable?!



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