Friday, February 16, 2024

Anti-Valentine's Day Movement Growing


               The Washington Post recently published an article by Petula Dvorak titled, “The anti-Valentine’s Day movement is gaining strength.”

              She started: Let’s be honest. Valentine’s Day has more potential to hurt, harm, terrorize and traumatize people than anything Halloween serves up.


              But, apparently, I’m the fool. I didn’t know that there was an “anti-Valentine’s Day” movement, let alone that it is quickly gaining strength.

Dvorak obviously approves of the movement and cites allegedly popular nail designs sporting phrases like “Ew, No” or “tiny middle fingers” and hearts slashed by a “no” sign as symbols of the growing resistance to a day celebrating love and commitment. Moreover, she notes that Etsy “is a parade” of “aggressively anti-Valentine’s Day” merchandise, including items with phrases such as, “Love is in the air, try not to breathe” and “Fries before guys.”  


Dvorak closes by noting that the push back to Valentine’s Day is really “about choosing yourself.”

Lovely sentiment. We can all buy ourselves dinner and a show—and bring ourselves a dozen roses and perhaps a box of chocolates. Maybe even pop the question to ourselves before running off to Vegas to get hitched to ourselves and embarking on a life of sologamy.

Well, you know, that’s what makes the world go ‘round. Right?

Valentine’s Day originated as a Christian feast (honoring a martyr named Saint Valentine). Perhaps that is partly why some of a “progressive” bent have come to disdain it. There are those who prefer to observe a “National Day of Mourning” rather than Thanksgiving, many who abhor Christmas. There are those who dismiss the Fourth of July and Memorial Day. The majority of us now just view the latter two as a day off and an excuse to party like it’s 1999. Leftists increasingly try to rebrand Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as “Parent’s Day,” “Birthing People’s Day,” or “Sperm Contributor’s Day.” As always, leftists want us to bastardize our language, forget our past, dispense with our traditions, disengage with God, and demean and demolish everything we once held dear.

What they are really saying is how bitter, craven, intolerant, and small they are.

Maybe some new additions to Sweetheart Candies would be in order to reflect their “values:”

*”Bleep off!”

*“I chaos!

*”I hate God!”

*”Love stinks!”

*”Screw You!”

*“I hate.

*”Nothing matters”

*”We all suck”

*”Boys bite!”

*”Kill Cupid!”

Faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love?

Maybe not so much anymore if we allow these progressive ingrates to get their way.

And that would be surpassingly sad.     






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