Monday, February 19, 2024

Evil Silencing Good


Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it tries to silence good.”—Archbishop Charles J. Chaput


That is a remarkably astute observation, perfectly stated. And such a true and important concept that it should be taught in every school at every level.

Long time readers know I do not consider tolerance to be a virtue, per se. This should not be a novel idea, nor particularly difficult to grasp. Tolerance of differing food or musical tastes, for example, is good. Tolerance of murder and incest is not. Archbishop Chaput realizes that the left preaches tolerance for all things it likes, but not so much for those it doesn’t. And, when it acquires power, it uniformly tries to shut down and shut up any entity with which it disagrees. And, especially, anyone that could challenge its power and control.

I have long realized three things that are essential to understanding the world as it stands today. One: tolerance is not necessarily a virtue. Two: there is an ongoing, if largely unrecognized, battle between good and evil. And three: the only way good can prevail over evil-- and ultimate chaos and meaninglessness-- is for the majority of people to be courageous enough to tell the truth. Archbishop Chaput’s statement encompasses all of these beliefs in one succinct assertion.

There is something extraordinarily pernicious about trying to appear virtuous, tolerant, and open-minded to others while at the same time knowing you are willing to crush anyone who threatens your agenda and power. Using others in this manner is simply evil.

It is astounding to me how many Americans still fall for this bullshit. The same folks who decry “false advertising” at the hands of businesses, who doubt America was ever great, and who mock the idea of a “sky daddy”…… seem to be easy marks for progressive/leftist indoctrination, prevarication and propaganda.

There is a bizarre—and dangerous—double standard, a two-tier justice system that has taken hold in modern day America. “MAGA” supporters are arrested at the drop of a hat, whereas members of BLM, Antifa, and various other assorted radicals are treated with kid gloves. No one is allowed to so much as raise their voice against the indoctrination—or mutilation—of their kids in a parent-teacher meeting, yet threatening conservatives is damn near de rigueur. Just days ago a group of radicals surrounded the conservative Heritage Foundation’s building, with a couple activists telling the crowd that they need to find out “where they live,” “where their office is,” and “where they go to church,” referring to those inside.

There are far too many historical examples of what happens when the good are silent. The Holocaust, for example.

It is time for good to wake up, speak up, and never be silent again.


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