Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Biden Blasts House Members For Taking Vacation


President Biden recently blasted members of the House of Representatives for taking a two-week recess, a break he referred to as a "vacation."

The Hypocrite-in-Chief stated, sort of: “Instead of going on a two-week vacation. Two weeks, walking away. Two weeks? What are they thinking? My God, this is bizarre, and it’s just reinforcing, and it's just reinforcing all the concern and, and almost I won't say panic, but real concern about the United States being a reliable ally. This is outrageous."

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black ebony! Biden is on a record pace for presidential vacations, having spent about 40% of his presidency on holiday thus far, significantly more than former President Trump…and virtually all of his other predecessors.

But enough is never enough for donkeys horses’ asses-- old or new. Rep. Eric Smallswell Swalwell (D-CA) recently took to the platform formerly known as Twitter to relate the death of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s chief political opponent to potential future actions of Donald Trump, should he be returned to the presidency. @RepSwalwell stated:

Let Navalny’s death be a warning to America. If returned to power, Donald Trump will jail his opponents. This isn’t a forecast, he has already told us this. There will be no evidence or due process. And certainly no opposition from Republicans in Congress.

“Jail his opponents?” He might well have to get out of jail first, as his opponents are desperately trying to put him there. That isn’t a forecast, it’s a current reality. Democrats have utterly eschewed due process in their rabid attempts to imprison and destroy Trump. And there has certainly been little or no opposition from Democrats in Congress.

Democrats are to projection as Heinz is to ketchup.





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