Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Appetite For Destruction: Lincoln, Grant, Churchill Down, Lenin Up

Statues and monuments to some of the most important Western historical figures of all time have been summarily defaced and destroyed in recent weeks, including those of Columbus, Washington, Lincoln, Ulysses S. (U.S.) Grant and Winston Churchill. None of these figures had a damn thing to do with the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone because the wanton destruction of symbols of the West’s past has nothing to do with the killing of Floyd, either.

Columbus “discovered” the New World and died well over 100 years before the first slave ship came from Africa to America. Washington was one of the most principled men who ever lived and was “The Father” of the country that has done more to advance human freedom than any other. Lincoln saved that country while freeing the slaves. He directed a war effort that saw nearly 350,000 union troops die…in part to put an end to slavery. Grant defeated the Confederacy, trashed the Ku Klux Klan and fought to protect the newly won rights of black people in the years after the war. Churchill stood alone in the West against the Third Reich and its NAZIs for over 17 consecutive months.

So what is the orgy of anarchy and destruction about? It is nothing short of a planned assault on the West and the values it used to hold so dear. It is a Marxist insurrection hoping to bring about the end of the U.S.—and the West—as we knew them. It is anti-capitalist, anti-rule of law, anti-Christian and anti-freedom. The leaders of Antifa and BLM have openly admitted this. Even if they hadn’t, it is abundantly clear to see for any sentient being connecting the dots. It is also utterly racist, classist and intolerant.

And we have helped bring it on ourselves. We allowed higher education to be completely hijacked by radicals in recent decades. The same goes for mainstream media outlets, entertainment and Hollywood personalities and the heads of Big tech companies. We allowed the nearly permanent bureaucracy, The Swamp, to siphon power away from our elected leaders…who themselves care far more about staying in power than about the people they supposedly “serve.” And we have allowed China covertly and overtly to pervade our society, from our college campuses to our business campuses, and steal our research and tech secrets while dispensing propaganda for the Chinese Communist Party. Sorry if you don’t believe this, but it is demonstrably true.

As the craven Western “leaders” do nothing—or even cheer on the rioters—it seems their societies are intent on seeing the curtain come down on their freedoms for the final time.

And now, in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, a new monument was actually erected…to former Soviet leader Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. The Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD) installed Lenin's likeness on grounds that used to be part of the former West Germany, decades after its East German communist counterpart collapsed along with the Berlin Wall and the hated Stasi secret police.

Representatives from mainstream parties on the district council for Gelsenkirchen-West passed a resolution in early March stating: "Lenin stands for violence, repression, terrorism and horrific human suffering.” The resolution noted that the council would “not tolerate such an anti-democratic symbol in its district," and added that "all legal means" would be used to block its installation.

However, later that same month the upper state court in Muenster rejected the attempt to stop the statue. The district council, in limiting itself to “all legal means,” is playing by rules that guarantee its defeat. Its members should just go destroy the statue themselves. After all, Lenin ushered in an authoritarian, communist, “proletarian dictatorship” that ultimately was responsible for the death of millions. Maybe the elites would cheer them on for doing so, just as they have sanctioned the mobs that have pillaged and plundered cities across the West in recent weeks. You think?

Lincoln, Grant and Churchill down…and Lenin up?

If we don’t put a stop to this—and soon—it will forever be a shameful monument to our decay, diminution and fecklessness.

One that the Marxist mob, and the new Stasi, won’t need to tear down.

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