Tuesday, June 23, 2020

If Twitter Had Always Been A Thing

If Twitter Had Always Been A Thing—

President Lincoln  @HonestAbe  Mar 15: I must caution the Southern states that, if they choose to secede, I will use serious force to stop them and preserve the union!

Twitter: @HonestAbe, you have broken our policy against abusive behavior, specifically by issuing a threat of harm against an identifiable group or entity and as such you have been permanently banned from this platform.

President Roosevelt  @FDR  Dec 8: The Empire of Japan must know that since its unprovoked and dastardly attack on Pearl Harbor a state of war has existed between our nations! Germany, you are next!

Twitter: @FDR, the blatant and egregious threats you have made against not one, but two, national entities have given us no choice but to censor your post in the most severe manner…and to ban you from this platform for life. Perhaps in the future you will think before you speak. Hatred has no place here.

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