Tuesday, June 23, 2020

How Sweet To Be A Democrat

How sweet to be a Democrat. Being a Democrat means never having to say you’re sorry. They seem to think it’s like a game to engage in despicable acts and dare anyone to hold them accountable for them. No matter how bold and in your face the act, no matter how crazy the statement or preposterous the proposal (think Green New Deal), they know they will not be seriously questioned or held to account, let alone disciplined. This doesn’t stop them from screaming bloody murder when Republicans engage in the exact same behavior, nor from demanding that the harshest punishments be meted out. In fact, this, too, is part of the game, and gives them great—if perverse—pleasure.

They can do and say whatever they please, safe in the knowledge that they have the media in their pockets and that most younger people haven’t been taught anything that’s true or that matters and therefore have no way to sort truth from fiction. They know that many-- if not most-- folks rely solely on emotion, not reason and evidence, to determine what is real and what is fake. They utilize this knowledge and those people in their incessant quest for power at all costs.

President Trump was endlessly savaged for bragging to another guy about grabbing women in their swimsuit areas. President Clinton’s popularity soared to unprecedented heights after he admitted having adulterous sexual relations with a young intern in the Oval Office…and lying about it under oath. General Flynn was set up by the FBI and essentially forced into telling a fib and was promptly sentenced to prison time. He lost everything and had his life destroyed. As near as can be told, Hillary Clinton and Adam Schiff have lied about nearly everything…and no one really cares. “Ha, ha, I dare you to hold me responsible.”

Roger Stone committed a white-collar process crime and had his house raided before dawn by more than a dozen armed SWAT team members with gunboats, a helicopter and guns drawn. They dragged him and his wife out of bed in their pajamas. Teddy Kennedy left a young woman to drown at Chappaquiddick…and continued to serve in Congress until his own death decades later. President Nixon may have been aware of a piddling, second-rate break-in of Democratic offices and apparently erased 18 minutes of tape. He was vilified, forced to resign, and is still the butt of everyone’s jokes nearly 50 years later. Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration’s FBI, CIA and DOJ, targeted their political opposition, then-candidate Trump, for no reason whatsoever, other than their desire to knock him out of the race and, hopefully, destroy him. Because, they thought, they could. And Hillary used an electronic version of a “Magic Eraser” to permanently eviscerate 33,000 potentially damaging emails. The repercussions? Obama is a greatly respected ex-president and Hillary is still behind the curtain, pulling levers, hoping to yet become president. “Ha, ha, I dare you to hold me accountable.”

Democrats were lightning quick to pronounce Brett Kavanaugh guilty of sexual harassment and keep him off the bench, though even the people she claimed knew about the alleged harassment denied it. We must believe all women, they said. Kavanaugh should never be allowed to serve, they said. Things are a bit different with the Democrats’ current presidential nominee, Joe Biden. Accused of sexual harassment, most of his fellow Dems have robotically lined up behind him and dismissed the credibility of the accuser. A few progressives have said publicly that they believe the accuser…but plan to vote for Biden anyway.

Democrats love to accuse Republicans of being rich and out of touch with working class folks. For decades this has worked like a charm. Yet Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, refusing to go back to Washington to do the people’s work for fear of the coronavirus, though the Republican Senate is ready, willing and able to do so, issues a video showing her in her toney California abode and showing off her $24,000 freezer, stocked with artisanal ice creams. The mainstream media pretends it never happened.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) allegedly— almost certainly it appears now—temporarily married her brother. This is precisely the kind of sensational story the mainstream media typically love. Instead they chose to bury it. “Ha, ha, I dare you to hold me accountable!” Imagine if a Republican Congressman had married his sister, whether to help her immigrate or not. What if Donald Trump Jr. had temporarily married Ivanka? Think that would have led the news cycle for, oh, maybe three or four years running?

I haven’t even scratched the surface. I could literally write a book about this. I could write until I’m blue in the…fingers?...and have much material, much evidence, left over. This is more than sad, more than frustrating. It is tragic. For America.

There will be those who read this who think, “I don’t like it! Shut him up!” These same will be fine with Trump getting labeled a NAZI, Republicans fascists. They will have no problem with articles labeling states who want to rescind shelter-in-place orders as soon as possible “pro-plague” states. I have seen several of these. “Pro-plague” states.  Really. The very same Democrats who have nothing but praise for dense throngs of rioters in the streets, looting and burning down private property, are now saying that the upcoming Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma is “dangerous” and “reckless.” Those wishing to attend the rally must be monsters, they say. Yet they wouldn’t even dare to call the thugs, thieves and arsonists pillaging America’s cities “somewhat inconsiderate.”

This double standard will never go away on its own. Only if and when conservatives, patriots and the middle class in flyover country decide to fight back will there be even a slight chance of correcting this monumental miscarriage of justice.

Democrats and the media are saying, “Ha, ha, we dare you.”

Privilege? Democratic privilege trumps all.

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