Thursday, July 30, 2015

The United States Declares Its Independence From Thomas Jefferson- Part II

                I feel “The Onion’s” pain.

                From time to time, usually after I post a parody piece, I will get someone saying something like, “I thought it was funny, but, come on, that’s never gonna happen.” And then, often within days…it, or something very much like it, happens. There are numerous examples. Recently, I posted, “Washington, D.C. to be Renamed,” and, while I admit that may still be highly unlikely, the following (and more) has already come to pass: the state Democratic Party of Connecticut, under pressure by the NAACP, unanimously voted to rename their annual fundraising dinner. For years it had been called the “Jefferson, Jackson, Bailey Dinner.” They are booting Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson off of the title. (Also see my post from two days ago, “U.S. Declaring Independence From Thomas Jefferson”). Apparently, Bailey, a Connecticut state and DNC chairman under JFK and LBJ, is still on the billing.  It helps when you live in an era devoid of slavery.
                Andrew Jackson has had a tough year for a dead guy. He’s been threatened with eviction from the front of the $20 bill, as well.
                  But Thomas Jefferson?! Really? The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution- you know, the one abolishing slavery- used language drafted by Jefferson to that end. And he did write the Declaration of Independence. He also founded- and funded- the University of Virginia. He was a farmer, lawyer, inventor, architect, Governor of Virginia, Minister to France and Secretary of State. He was president for 8 years and authorized the Louisiana Purchase. I mean, come on!
                Moreover, Jefferson has for decades been lauded as the founder of the Democratic Party. (This may have made some sense, even through the 19th century, until the modern-day party took a sharp turn and exited reality, stage left. Shredding Jefferson’s agrarian roots, the Democrats are now the Party of the Inner City Elites and Their Wards and openly mock those in “fly-over” country).
                You know others will follow suit. Jefferson’s name will eventually be taken off of schools, roads and cities, etc., and several other founders will get the same treatment. Or maybe all of them will.
                In any case, the dinner will be rechristened. A new name for the event is to be chosen this fall.

                Let’s turn it into a contest! Submit your suggestions now!


  1. The demoncrats used to be a good party - until Woodstock happened.

    1. This may surprise you, anonymous, but I don't disagree. Many modern day conservatives are classical liberals. The U.S. Founders were, too. But the party has been completely taken over by leftist/Marxist radicals.