Monday, June 8, 2020

Black Lives Matter Graffiti Must Be Preserved, Karen Says

                A video making the rounds on social media perfectly illustrates the insanity to which many have succumbed in an effort to stay as woke as their fellow man…and woman. After a night of rioting in America’s capital city, a white woman indignantly approached three women who were attempting to remove graffiti from a federal building, including the letters “BLM.” The woman asked the cleaners, "Why are you guys removing Black Lives Matter graffiti?" The cleaners replied that it was a federal building that had been vandalized and that it was the home of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. This failed to mollify the virtue-signaling interloper who naturally responded, "So, you don't care about black lives then?” Amazingly, the cleaning crew calmly answered, "That's not at all what we're saying" and added "we do care about black lives." The obnoxious Karen then snarkily shot back, "Not enough to leave up a message.” One of the crew countered by saying, "We don't disagree with the message, ma'am, it's just on the building. We're just trying to clean it."

              The frustrated inquisitor, still filming, signed off her mini-documentary by retorting: "Right. Not a great way to use your white privilege, ladies. That's disgusting." Disgusting? Vandalizing public property is disgusting.

              I would have had a different reply for the first question the Karen asked: “Shut the bleep up. You don’t get to ask me that question, you ignorant, hypocritical, skank.” Of course, that’s just me.

              So, profane graffiti splashed across public buildings, publicly funded, is now to be considered a “message?” We can‘t post the Ten Commandments in or on a federal building, but we can spray paint “F**k the police” on it with impunity and burn down the church next door? After all, wokesters say, we made them do it, we and the racist society we control.

              Maybe the homeless people in San Francisco who routinely crap on the streets and sidewalks are just issuing a “message,” too. Their dung is their message, one perfectly crafted to illustrate what a shitty society their non-publicly-excreting oppressors have thrust upon them. Perhaps we have no right to remove this human excrement. Those who do so may well be acting out of white privilege.

Traditional and conservative voices are rapidly being squeezed out of the public forum. The next time we want to get our message out, we should just grab a can of spray paint and head down to the nearest federal building.

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