Wednesday, June 10, 2020

De Blasio Chastises Police For Not Wearing Masks

            Incredibly, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently chastised his city’s police officers, many of whom he claimed were not wearing masks while trying to control crowds of protesters/rioters. Yet de Blasio himself has been photographed participating in rallies and protests which were in clear violation of the Big Apple’s COVID-19 health guidelines, including at least one in which he had no mask at hand, even when he was not speaking or addressing the crowd.

              De Blasio’s remarks were carried on C-SPAN. The myopic mayor said: "Everyone is being asked to wear a face covering. That includes police officers. Now I'll grant you, if you're trying to communicate to a crowd of people, you might have to take off your face covering. If you're in the middle of something where there is a legitimate tactical reason to have your face covering off, if you're drinking water, there are reasons to have a face covering off. We've seen too many officers who just have it off, and it's painful to people because it feels like they're flouting the rules. And we say to all the officers out there, 'I know you have a hard job, but, you know, do unto others.' ... It's just a human decency thing."

              “If you’re trying to communicate to a crowd of people,” Bill? You mean like, “Please stop burning innocent people’s businesses down to satisfy your own bloodlust?”

“It’s painful to people because it feels like they’re flouting the rules?” You’re upset that your law enforcement officers aren’t wearing masks while law-breaking protesters are burning your city down?

You admonish your police force to wear facial masks so as to “do unto others…It’s just a human decency thing” as many of your citizens are openly committing thefts, assault and arson?!

              Mayor de Blasio, your city’s on fire. Race relations have been set back 200 years. Crime is surging. Christians and Jews are being marginalized. And you are a craven first-class hypocrite who has sat back and done nothing to prevent any of it. What would you know about human decency?

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