Tuesday, June 16, 2020

"Cops" Now A Dirty Word

              Leftists and anarchists have acted quickly to take advantage of the sad and unnecessary death of George Floyd. They have burned down parts of nearly every major American city—and some European ones. They have smashed countless windows and looted countless stores. They have run roughshod—or worse—over anyone who has gotten in their way. They have taken over part of a large American city and declared it a sovereign nation, albeit one ruled by a warlord and conspicuously devoid of adequate plumbing facilities. They have done all this because authorities have let them. Cops have been told to stand down. Governors and mayors, to the extent they are aware of the mayhem around them, have proven too craven and virtue-signaling to stop the orgy of destruction, thereby sentencing the vast majority of law-abiding citizens to a life of peril and misery.

              Mainstream media types have worked overtime to fan the flames and further sow hatred and division. For this, they deserve our everlasting enmity. They have already earned our utter distrust of anything they purport to be true, as we can clearly see in most cases it is not. Academicians and entertainers have genuflected and taken knees—literally—in the direction of criminals, anarchists and thuggish terrorist groups such as antifa.

              And now, ironically, anything exhibiting police officers in a favorable or neutral light is being summarily self-cancelled by people terrified of the leftist thought police, a group that doesn’t trouble itself with trivialities like innocent until proven guilty, trial by peers, warrants, etc., etc. Paramount abruptly cancelled “Cops,” a popular show that had been on the air for 32 consecutive years. A & E axed its similarly popular show “Live PD.” Some have actually called for “Paw Patrol,” Nickelodeon’s animated series about canine crimefighters, to be altered, defunded or abolished. Lego has suspended all marketing for its toys that include law enforcement figures.

              Where will this end? Will it end? Not unless and until the rapidly dwindling number of adults in the U.S. decide it must end if the country is to survive. In the meantime, look for every iteration of “cop” to be summarily expunged from public view. The traditional kids game of “cops and robbers” will immediately be renamed “pigs and product liberators,” and you can easily guess who the bad guys are. The phrase “cop an attitude” will no longer be used. You can’t “cop a feel” anymore anyway, but henceforth the very term will be verboten, as well. The word “copy” may be replaced by “duplicate,” at least in woke circles. Aaron Copeland may change his name. COPD, the acronym for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, will have to be altered or replaced. Not only does it contain the word “cop,” but it ends with PD, as in police department. Doubly offensive.

             And people will no longer “copulate,” as this activity will be referred to, even in scientific journals, by more animalistic and vulgar terms. Is the scope severity of the problem becoming clear?

Will society ultimately be able to cope deal with it and move forward into a tenable future? I would like to avoid answering this question, but that would be a cop out, wouldn’t it? And we’ve already seen to much of that. So, in short: it doesn’t look good.

The thin blue line is about to be erased.

Along with our civil society.

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