Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Lies And Sacraments: The Story Of The Democratic Party

We are being fed an unending stream of lies by the media/academia/Democrat complex. The party of segregation and Jim Crow laws now claims to be the one true friend of African-Americans and people of color. In fact, according to its current presidential nominee, “you ain’t black” if you vote for the other guy.  Does that not mean that “you ain’t white” if you vote for Biden? Of course not. That, too, would be offensive. Conservatives don’t think that way.

The ugly truth is that slavery and abortion have been the two sacraments of the Democratic Party. The first since its inception, the latter in more modern times. Slavery was a monstrous evil as practiced then, and is a monstrous evil as practiced now. Stray too far from the Democratic plantation and they try to strip you of your dignity. Call you names. Say you aren’t actually black. They actively foment race and class warfare to further their own cause, their own power. Screw the country. This is the mother of all evils.

Speaking of mothers, while those aborted don’t have to be provided for, they aren’t worth mentioning since they can’t vote. Because they’re dead. That’s the difference. Abortions are effectively partly subsidized by our tax dollars. What does one say about a party that advocates confiscating people’s money to fund Planned Parenthood (or pay for union dues, for that matter) without their consent, or even in direct opposition to their beliefs? Is that not another form of slavery? It certainly is taxation without representation at the minimum. The Founders rebelled against a three pence tax on tea. Isn’t this worse?

We are being lied to continually. Very few people in the media, such as Tucker Carlson, are brave enough to speak truth to power, whoever that power may be, wherever it may lay. Democrats are gifted liars, preternatural prevaricators. (See also, the Clintons.) They will tell you Republicans are racist. They will tell you that President Trump colluded with the Russians, might even be a Russian asset. They tell us that global warming is an existential crisis and that the Earth will—literally-- be toast in ten years. Of course, they also told us that ten years ago. They told us that COVID-19 would likely kill countless millions, maybe 2.2 million in this country alone, so we should stay inside. We couldn’t have graduation ceremonies, get married, attend funerals, or get a haircut. For our own good.  Those few of us that eventually dared to leave our homes and peacefully protest this usurpation of our Constitutional rights were labeled as selfish, hateful, bigots—terrorists in fact-- who were going to be responsible for a surge in coronavirus infections and resultant deaths.

And now they tell us that certain protests, even violent ones, are a public health good, even a necessity. That isn’t “their truth.” It’s a lie. There’s no such thing as my truth, your truth, his truth, or her truth. There is only the truth.

The truth is: the truth is.

 It is up to us to recognize it. Embrace it. Cherish it. Protect it. And tell it.

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