Friday, June 12, 2020

And Then We Were Dumb

              And then we were dumb.

              It is disturbing that a significant proportion of the population is hell bent on dispensing with past wisdom, erasing history, severing all ties with objective reality and denying truth. As proof of this, there are a growing number of people who believe that they can pick and change their own gender yet have no control over their romantic orientation. In other words, they believe that humans are assigned their sexuality at birth but not their sex. This is inexpressibly preposterous—and heartbreakingly sad. It is also an impossibility, akin to saying that we are assigned our species or genus at birth, but not our family, phyla or kingdom. It just can’t be. I don’t claim to know for certain if sexuality is determined absolutely at birth, but if it is, our sex must have been determined first, or at least simultaneously.

              Many now also purport to believe that race is a “cultural construct,” no more fixed than the shirt one is wearing. A few even believe they can choose what species they are at any given time. Or age. Worse, many are comfortable with —even proud of-- ending the life of babies up to the time of birth. For their own convenience. When the state of New York passed a law allowing late-term abortions, the governor was tickled pink. In fact, he bathed the city’s skyscrapers in soft pink light to celebrate the expanded genocide. Good is bad and “bad” means good. To be moral is to be boring, judgmental, tyrannical. It is cool to let one’s “freak flag fly.” (Nobody knows the “throuples” I’ve seen.) In the ‘60s the “hip” kids (“hippies”) extolled the virtues of “sex, drugs and rock and roll.” Today’s phrase would be “kinky sex, legalize drugs and rap music.” Satan must truly be “laughing with delight,” to quote Don McLean, as his church is growing. Literally.

              All this goes hand-in-hand with the continuing collapse of religious belief in the West. And the chaos and carnage in the streets.

              Tragically, this is not unprecedented. Egypt prospered for hundreds of years until “reforms” called its national faith into question. It fell into ruin six times faster than it was built. Athens was dominant for several hundred years until the first Sophists appeared. They were teachers and sceptics. Sound familiar? One of them, Protagoras, declared that “Man is the measure of all things.” Athens’ centuries-long reign was undone in less than 30 years.

 When we become so swollen with pride that we only worship ourselves, we end up condemning ourselves to misery. And history.

  Ironically, whenever we believe we are greater than gods, we become less than human.  

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