Monday, June 1, 2020

Today In Insanity

                                                           Today in Insanity

                One could well of thought that things couldn’t get any more bizarre and backward then they already were prior to the riots breaking out recently across the nation. One would have been wrong.
                Preposterously, the same leftists, such as Hillary Clinton, who deemed the utterly peaceful lock-down protesters in places like Lansing, Michigan, “domestic terrorists” for questioning the government’s right to make them stay in their houses for three consecutive months are now refusing to even cast aspersions on the actual domestic terrorists who are burning down America’s cities, looting and pillaging stores and assaulting innocent property owners and bystanders. In fact, the Biden campaign is donating large sums of cash to get those arrested outof jail so they can get back to the business of destroying things. (Leftists don’t believe in the concept of bail anyway, except when it comes to the political opponents they manage to smear, frame and indict.) In contrast, the Trump campaign has given large sums of cash to Korboi Balla, an African-American former firefighter who lost his life savings when rioters destroyed his soon-to-open pub. Hmmm, wonder who will get the better press coverage?
                CNN national reporter and moron-about-town Miguel Marquez termed a large group of protesters/rioters who were moving along the sides of I-35W in Minneapolis a “merry caravan,” as if they were singing “The Happy Wanderer” and passing out candy to the children. Happily, about two seconds after he made that remark, on air, the protesters hurled bottles and profanity at him. Undeterred in his Herculean effort to avoid the truth, Marquez quickly noted that the projectiles and epithets aimed at him were done so “not in a mean way.” Of course. In a similar vein, they were kindly and gently looting and burning down businesses and assaulting the owners, as well. Calling this “fake news” doesn’t adequately describe this wanton tripe.
              Then there was the ever-craven mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey. At a press conference during the third day of rioting, while his city was literally burning, a reporter asked him, “What is your plan?” Frey’s response? “Regarding what?”

  Brunch tomorrow you effing idiot, what the eff do you think?!!

  Beam me up, Scotty, there’s no intelligent life here.

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