Sunday, June 28, 2020

Antifa Actual Fascists

              It is preposterously absurd when leftists and anti-Trumpers claim the president is a fascist, a tyrant, a would-be dictator who might refuse to leave office, and who may ban all criticism of his administration, etc. It is equally as insane when mainstream media types, academics, entertainers, Democratic politicians, and assorted other leftists, characterize groups like Black Lives Matter and antifa as peace-loving, patriotic freedom fighters, bursting with tolerance and inclusiveness towards all.

              This is demonstrably false. We know this beyond a shadow of a doubt because mainstream media types, academics, entertainers, Democratic politicians, assorted other leftists, and groups like Black Lives Matter and antifa incessantly issue the most vile attacks on Trump (and his supporters) with the utmost impunity-- and braggadocio-- and are never incarcerated, fined or even held accountable in any way for their words or actions. In fact, they are celebrated in their own circles for doing so, while those they attack—with the exception of Trump himself—don’t even bother to fight back or defend themselves in any substantive way. Moreover, they are routinely feted, lionized, and granted special privileges. They are allowed to loot stores, deface and burn down buildings, and even annex significant portions of large American cities with the intent of turning them into independent sovereign nations while societies’ elites laud them for their “mostly peaceful” behavior and look forward to a “summer of love.”

              Any sentient, honest human being knows who the fascists are. But nearly all of them are afraid of stating the obvious truth. Antifa is a neo-fascist conglomeration of momma’s boys-- entitled, craven little pre-mature ejaculators who act tough when no one pushes back. Black Lives Matter is a deluded organization, donations to which end up being funneled through ActBlue to Democratic politicians, representatives of the very party that has virtually been defined by its contempt and ownership of African-Americans.

              Antifa and BLM are nothing more than the militant wing of the Democratic-Socialist Party, emphasis on Socialist. The mainstream media has devolved into nothing more than the house organ for any group that opposes President Trump and Republicans in general.

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