Friday, November 15, 2019

Trump Makes Another Impeachment-Worthy Phone Call

            I have a truly startling confession to make: I myself overheard President Donald J. Trump talking on the phone just days after his call with the president of the country formerly known as “The Ukraine.” I must admit it seemed like something nefarious, cheesy and untoward was going on. He was talking about how he wasn’t going to “fork over the money” unless the other party did something for him first. I think he was on the phone with someone named “Domino” or “Dominos.” (Maybe Greek?). I think he said that he wanted a piece of “their pie.” And he told them he’d only pay for it “after you deliver.” This was more than suspect. There was a definite quid pro quo involved.
I’ve supported Trump since he was elected, but, nevertheless, I feel like we should try to find out exactly who Trump was talking to (extorting!) and call in this “Domino” or “Dominos” as a witness in the ongoing impeachment trial. We need to see if this person felt pressured to “deliver” something to Trump. Patriot that I am, I would even be willing to testify myself.

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