Thursday, November 14, 2019

Adam Schiff Claims He Doesn't Know Whistle-blowers Identity

            Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked House Intelligence Committee (oxymoron alert!) Chairman Adam Schiff when Republicans might have the opportunity to question “the whistle-blower” behind the Democrats’ latest attempt at a coup d’├ętat. Incredibly, Rep. Schiff (D-CA), the impeachment farce’s judge, jury and executioner extraordinaire, replied that he doesn’t even know who the whistle-blower is and couldn’t pick him (or her) out in a crowd of two.
This is surpassingly strange since Schiff’s aide actually met with the whistle-blower/hearsay-monger and was the person who recommended that he (or she) file a complaint with the office of the Inspector General of the Intelligence Committee (ICIG). Moreover, the whistle-blower proceeded to write a letter to Schiff that contained an attachment which was very likely the complaint with his (or her) signature on it attesting to the veracity of his (or her) claim.
Schiff went so far as to suggest that the Trump administration was trying to withhold the complaint from Congress, despite the fact that his own staff knew about said complaint before anyone else and had prompted it to be filed in the first place. Given that there are people living in huts and wickiups in the remotest parts of the Amazon rain-forest that know the whistle-blower’s likely identity, even the Washington Post gave Schiff’s claim four Pinocchios. (The whistle-blower, thought by roughly 82% of people living or working in the District of Columbia to be Eric Cia***ella, does not even claim to have heard the president firsthand or have direct knowledge of the call. Might’ve dreamt about it or heard it through the grapevine).
When queried, Rep. Schiff also claimed he doesn’t know the identity of President Lincoln’s assassin, hadn’t heard about the Lindbergh baby, was shocked when recently informed that we gave back the Panama Canal and “saddened” when Rep. Jordan (R-OH) informed him that M*A*S*H went off the air in 1983. Schiff also expressed amazement—and skepticism—when Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) mentioned Apollo 11. Schiff exclaimed: “We landed on the moon?! In 1969?! Get out!! No way!”

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