Tuesday, November 26, 2019

President Trump Hosts "Conan" The Hero Dog

                President Trump recently welcomed Conan, the heroic military dog that helped rid the world of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, to the White House. Trump, his First Lady Melania, and Vice President Pence hosted Conan and a few human members of the Special Ops team that took Baghdadi out. The president presented Conan with an award in the Oval Office before the group stepped outside to the Rose Garden to allow the reporters assembled there to get a look at Conan and his handler. Trump acknowledged the reporters, stating: “Good morning. So, this is Conan—right now, probably the world’s most famous dog.”
                A Washington Post reporter tweeted out a six-minute video of the blissfully light-hearted and upbeat event. Unfortunately, as is usually the case with Twitter, ugliness ensued. Joan Walsh, a CNN political analyst and commentator with over 344,000 Twitter followers, took to the Platform of Pinheads to castigate President and Mrs. Trump for not petting Conan during the photo op. Really. Walsh, also the author of the book, “What’s the Matter with White People,” later tweeted, “I am being slammed for my Conan tweets by MAGA and I do want to apologize: Conan is actually a female dog, God bless her. So, I’m especially shocked Trump didn’t…well, you know.”
                Walsh let the world know that she was “shocked” that the president didn’t sexually assault the courageous canine in the White House. (Though I’m guessing she was an apologist/admirer of President Clinton). Nothing but class, Ms. Walsh. The kind that we’ve come to expect from CNN employees and associates.  
                That same day, President Trump signed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act that Congress passed earlier this fall, making certain acts of animal cruelty federal felonies. As he put his imprimatur on the bill in an Oval Office ceremony, Trump remarked: “Our nation’s animals have played a vital role in the development, settlements, security and happiness of our country. So true, we had a great dog named Conan here just a little while ago so it’s very fitting that [the bill signing] was on the same day…Conan was something and created quite a stir.” He added, “We have the responsibility to honor the dignity of God’s creation. With today’s Act we take the critical step of being more responsible and humane stewards of our planet.” What a monster!
                There has been confusion as to the Belgian Malinois dog’s sex. Defense officials now say that Walsh was incorrect, and Conan is really a male dog. Or maybe he just identifies as male.
                What is certain is that Conan isn’t the barbarian in this story. Walsh—and those of her ilk—laid clear claim to that title.

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