Sunday, June 23, 2019

Trump's Turnabouts

                It’s summer, so it is the time for flip-flops. President Trump has waffled on tariffs, the border wall, and a government shutdown in recent months. More recently still, he has reversed his decision to end the U.S. Forest Service program that trains low-income students how to respond to emergencies, as well as his decision to close nine rural Job Corp centers.
                Trump also called off the previously announced air-strike on Iran, one that was to be in retaliation for that nation’s unprovoked downing of an American drone over international waters. And now he has called off the ICE raids that were to start this week and that would purportedly have led to “millions” of illegal aliens being sent back from whence they came.
                What’s next for the suddenly indecisive POTUS? Let’s take a sneak-peak at the week to come, shall we?
                Monday, 9 am: Trump announces he’s going golfing.
Monday, 9:45 am: he reverses his decision, saying, “I may yet go golfing in the coming days. Let’s see what happens.”
                Tuesday, 10:30 am: Trump announces he is seeking a divorce from Melania and asks, “Why do they call her the ‘First Lady’? She wasn’t my first! I mean, I don’t get it!”
Tuesday, 2:15 pm: Trump announces he never intended to seek a divorce and blames the media for trafficking in “fake news.”
                Wednesday, 10 pm: Trump says he is looking forward to taking a hot bath.
Wednesday, 10:10 pm: Trump decides against the bath, just before stepping in, saying: “I may well take one in the coming days, however.”
                Thursday: Trump shocks the world when he says: “I have decided not to seek re-election. I have spent a lot of time thinking about this. This is not a rash decision. I am no longer a candidate for 2020.”
                Friday: Trump says: “I am looking forward to four more years in the White House. I am officially back in the race! Keep America Great!!”
                Saturday, 9 am: Trump tweets: “Looking forward to celebrating the birth of our great nation! Love the 4th of July! I want to see lots of fireworks! Lots of apple pies!”
   Saturday, 1:12 pm: “I have decided, after much reflection, to call off the 4th of July. I hate to do it, but it’s just not worth the risk! My advisors tell me that more than 150 people get hurt every 4th of July-- some from fireworks, some from sunburn, some from drinking too much, bug bites, you name it! #StaySafe”
   Saturday, 5:44 pm: Trump tweets: “I have decided to REINSTATE the 4th of July! So important to our great nation! I want to see massive celebrations all across the country! Parades, explosions!! This will be the best 4th of July our nation HAS EVER HAD, this I can tell you!!!”


  1. Teasing Trump? What's next, endorsing Buttigieg?

    1. I try to be fair, "anonymous." What's good for the goose and all that. I will not, however, be endorsing Mr. Buttigieg, I assure you.