Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Trump Balloon Deflated In London

                Protesters in London, England, sent up a 20-foot-tall inflatable balloon in the image of President Donald Trump as a baby…during the president’s visit to The Big Smoke. The deliberately offensive blimp, replete with diaper and safety-pin, was the brainchild of the Trump Baby Group and was guided and “guarded” by the “babysitters,” protesters who volunteered for the job.
                Apparently, the “babysitters” weren’t up to the task at hand, as a woman stabbed the blimp with a sharp object behind the House of Commons. The woman, a fan of the president, was promptly arrested for being in the possession of a pointed or bladed article. Reports say the woman stated her support for Trump immediately after puncturing the balloon and then chided the protesters, saying “Shame on you.” She added: “I think Donald Trump’s balloon is not very well. I think it’s going down rapidly for a reason.”
                A “spokesman” for the Trump Baby Group verified that a woman punctured the Trump baby replica balloon “with a sharp object,” before stating: “It’s not surprising that the far right would want to meet freedom of expression with violence,” a remark so preposterous and steeped in hypocrisy one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Those on the “far” left brand anyone to the starboard side of Karl Marx as being on the “far right.” And it is they who prevent conservatives from speaking on campuses, shout down those with whom they disagree, routinely snatch “MAGA” hats from their owners, and generally act like entitled thugs. Progressives demand the “right” to kill real babies, but are upset at balloon “violence?” It is illustrative that yet another conservative or Trump supporter was hit with a milkshake as he interacted with anti-Trump protesters during the protest. This form of assault on conservative politicians and/or Trump backers has become common, a “thing” as the youth say.
                In a rare pushback to student punks and leftist agitators, this woman was literally there when the balloon went up…ready to deflate it, and the mood of the maddening crowd of demented demonstrators. So be it.
                I don’t mean to burst their bubble, but what kind of a society tolerates abortion on demand, but arrests people for possession of a “pointed or bladed” article? Does this include a pencil? A box-fan?
                How about a pointed remark? Is that okay? From the left, probably. From the right, not so much.

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