Sunday, June 2, 2019


             Marie-Claire Springham, a student from London, is receiving kudos for her efforts to allow men to overcome the despicable gender inequality of women-only breastfeeding.
 She appeared on Good Morning Britain to explain her idea for “chestfeeding.” Springham said that when a couple discovers they’re expecting, they would “sign up to basically a pre-natal course” and receive a kit containing a nine-month supply of a drug called progestin, which is meant to “stimulate the production of milk-producing glands” in the males who take it. An additional drug regimen would supposedly then result in lactation. The kit would also include a pump and compression vest.
Said kit doesn’t actually exist yet-- it’s only theoretical for now—and the student hasn’t yet tried out her ideas on any men. However, this didn’t prevent her from winning a Meaning-Centred Design Award for 2018. Julie Jenson Bennett, the award’s jury chair, stated of Springham’s soon-to-be invention: “The chestfeeding kit deserves particular attention because it challenges the fundamental meanings of male and female, father and mother, parent and child. At a time when we increasingly use hormones, medication and technology to change the life options available to us, Marie-Claire’s design concept goes right to the heart of our taboos.”  
            We certainly are intent on challenging the fundamental meaning of everything, lately. And we are clearly exploring the heart of our taboos.
I’m sure some women would like to get a man pregnant in the future, too. We are striving to have men become women and women become men. Maybe a family’s children can become the parents and vice-versa. Wouldn’t that be cool? We already have had a father “become” the mother and the mother “become” the father.
What was God thinking, anyway, making us so binary and giving us such limited life options? 
The only thing we haven’t questioned is where the road down which we are so rapidly travelling may lead us.

We’ve unquestionably led ourselves into temptation.

Perhaps we can still be delivered from evil.

But probably not from insanity.

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