Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Trump Exonerated

                The President of the United States has been exonerated. He did not collude with a foreign power to steal an election. Republican democratic government has been vindicated. The people spoke and the country has a legitimate leader. The long national nightmare is over.
                There should be an immense outpouring of relief, a gala celebration, a coming together of factions, a universal patriotic display, and much general rejoicing indeed.
                There has been no such thing. Instead, those on the left are unified in their bitterness and disbelief. They are, incredibly, actually angry that their president didn’t commit the crimes of which he was accused. Angry that he made them appear as the facts-be-damned, unbalanced, hyper-partisan, America-hating hacks they are. Progressive commentator Van Jones admitted that there is an “honest level of sadness and disappointment and disorientation among progressives and Democrats” following the determination that neither President Donald trump’s campaign nor anyone associated with it colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election.
Conservatives, on the other hand, are split…as usual. The never-Trumpers are nearly as cheesed-off—and pathetic—as the hardcore leftists, while those who support the Tweeter-in-Chief are warily awaiting the other shoe to drop. The latter are wondering when obstruction of justice charges, tax return examinations, Southern District of New York legal challenges, or any number of other Spanish-inquisition-like assaults on the president will finally see to his ouster.
Think about this. Logically. Nearly everyone on the left and in the mainstream media wanted their president to be guilty of collusion with a major foreign adversary. They collectively said “F*ck the country as long as it suits my agenda and legitimizes my rantings!” Not a few on the right were willing to go along with them for much the same reason.
NBC’s Savannah Guthrie actually had the gall to ask if President Trump should apologize to Special Counsel Robert Mueller after Mueller submitted his report stating he found no clear evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

Oh, there was—and is—collusion. It appears to be between almost everybody else in the country other than Trump, his supporters, and Russia.

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