Thursday, March 7, 2019

Nancy Pelosi Says Illegal Immigrants Make America More American

                Speaking at a news conference on voting rights in Austin, Texas recently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote and claimed that “these newcomers make America more American.”
                What a remarkably quick transition, as with gay marriage and transgender rights, we have made in the terminology used to describe those crossing our borders while breaking the law. They went from being illegal aliens to undocumented immigrants to “newcomers” in the relative blink of an eye. By next week they’ll have attained the status of “trailblazing saviors.”
                If newcomers-- whether from Honduras, North Africa or the Middle East-- make America more American, than it cannot be argued that, in much the same way, Africanized bees, Formosan termites, fire ants and Asian carp have made America more American, too. Welcome newcomers! Celebrate diversity!
                A sane and rational person understands that criminals and drugs pour over the border and that human trafficking is rampant. That is not to say that no good and intelligent, kind and decent people are attempting to enter the country via our southern border. However, it is to say that if a person leaves the door to their home open all the time, it does not make them compassionate. It makes them na├»ve and stupid, and a danger to their home and their loved ones.
                Moreover, America is unique in that it is based on a set of ideas and ideals: limited republican government of, by and for the people; the rule of law; and the belief that our rights are inalienable and granted by our Creator.
   Therefore, truth be told, the only way to keep America American, let alone make America more American, is to only allow those in who share a belief in those founding principles. 

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