Thursday, March 21, 2019

"Men Aren't Women" Tweet Gets Blogger Booted

                Meghan Murphy, a Canadian blogger and founder of the site Feminist Current, is suing Twitter for permanently banning her for tweets about transgender people. She apparently violated the “social” media site’s rules against “hateful conduct” when she referred to a transgender woman as “him,” the Mercury News reported. 
                CNET reported that, according to the suit, Ms. Murphy once tweeted, “How are transwomen not men?” As if that weren’t enough, she also tweeted, “Men aren’t women,” which resulted in the company locking her out of her account and asking her to delete the tweets. She’s damn lucky she didn’t get the death penalty. (Eventually, “misgendering” someone will be the only crime progressives deem worthy of the death penalty…outside of being in a womb waiting to be born).
               Murphy claims that Twitter failed to notify users of the changes to its “hateful conduct policy.”
               Twitter termed Murphy’s lawsuit “meritless” and promised to “vigorously defend itself,” according to the Mercury News. 
   In reality, it’s the social media giant’s actions that were meritless and indefensible, truth be told. But therein lies the point. The truth can’t be told anymore, at least not without consequences. “Truth or consequences” has been replaced by truth, then consequences. It used to be said that the truth will set you free. Today, it is more likely to get you mentally-- or physically-- incarcerated.
  The giant Tech Valley corporations have essentially repealed the First Amendment. They have taken it upon themselves to erase the founding principles that allowed them to flourish in the first place. They are saying, “To hell with Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, et. al., we now have the power to remake the world.” Kings and dictators typically only control one country, one fiefdom, one realm. Big Tech rules the world. It knows who you are, where you live, and what you think. And, if it doesn’t like what you think, no matter how well-reasoned, how truthful and how eloquently stated, you will be muzzled. Or worse.
 So go ahead and tweet “The Earth is round,” “The sun sets in the West,” “Water is wet,” or “Apples aren’t oranges.” Just be prepared to face the consequences.

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