Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Woman At Gun Control Hearing Wanted To "Blow Away" NRA Members

                An "unidentified woman" was asked to leave a hearing on gun control at the Connecticut State Capitol recently, after she was observed composing a text message threatening to shoot a Republican Congressman and many members of National Rifle Association. A reporter from WTNH-TV tweeted out an image of the woman’s text, which read, “If I had a gun, I’d blow away Sampson and a large group of NRA…” The woman was apparently referring to state Senator Rob Sampson (R), a recipient of the NRA “Defender of Freedom Award.” Sampson was present at the Judiciary Committee hearing.
                The woman was asked to leave by Capitol Police, after another person at the hearing saw her message, and complained. Spoil sport! What an easily triggered (sorry about the pun) person! What’s so bad about a message touting mass murder? And some think our college kids are wusses for fainting if they hear someone talk about free market capitalism!
                The Capitol Police Chief told reporters that the woman was apologetic and “left without incident.” The Connecticut Mirror reported that she was not arrested because her behavior “wasn’t deemed threatening enough to reach the level of violating a state statute.”
                In other words, she wasn’t wearing a MAGA hat.
                This just illustrates why sane people need firearms to protect themselves…from violent nutcases like the “unidentified woman.” And it’s yet another example of progressives’ Olympian hypocrisy. Many craven Communist college kids in the ‘60s used to say, “Fighting for peace is like f**king for virginity, man.” Now some leftists want to shoot those who are in favor of Second Amendment rights. Amazing. What’s next, vegans wanting to force-feed 15 Big Macs and a can of Spam down the throats of those who have the temerity to choose their own diet?
                The link to The Connecticut Mirror article read: “gun-control-advocate-expelled-over-text-message.” Talk about bias! Talk about fake news! The unidentified woman was in favor of controlling guns. She was an “advocate.” How wonderful! Yet she was “expelled!” For simply composing a “text message!” The poor dear was expelled by evil, white, alt-right policemen, I’m sure.
   Bet she’d like to “blow them away,” too. In the interest of non-violence, of course.

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