Monday, March 25, 2019

Finnish Scholar Says People Should Be Able To Choose Their Own Age

                And it has come to this: a “scholar” in Finland has proposed that people should be able to decide their own age. Joona Räsänen, a Finnish “bioethicist” from the University of Oslo in Norway, had an article published in The Journal of Medical Ethics (look for the annual ‘swimsuit issue’ on newsstands everywhere beginning May 6th!) recently. The piece, titled “A Moral Case for Legal Age Change,” says that a person should have the right to change their legal age to match their “experienced age” when “the person genuinely feels his age differs significantly from his chronological age.” (“His?” What about “hers”…or “theys” or “zirs?”).
                Räsänen acknowledges the difference between “chronological age,” i.e. how long one’s been alive, one’s actual age…and “emotional” or “experienced” age,” i.e. the age one feels one is, or wishes to identify as. (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, chronologically 29, appears to identify as 11). The Scandinavian scholar feels it is important for one to be able to choose their own age in circumstances where “age change would likely prevent, stop or reduce ageism,” and “discrimination due to age” the person would otherwise face. He noted, “Legal age is a cause of severe discrimination for some people whose biological and emotional age do not match their chronological age.” In an interview with The College Fix, Räsänen proudly proclaimed, in vintage virtue-signaling fashion, “I do not deny people’s own experiences.” He does, however, deny reality. When The Fix asked him how biological age could be distinguished from chronological age, he bleated, “I am not a biologist or medical doctor so I cannot give a definite answer here.” That didn’t stop him from giving a definite answer that people should be able to pick their own age. And he is a “scientist.”
                Age discrimination is pervasive…and perverse. I myself have been a victim of this pernicious bigotry. I tried to buy a case of beer at a local liquor store once when I was 17. I was refused. And humiliated. And what of those youngsters who wish to purchase a firearm? They come up against a solid wall of discrimination and youthphobic attitudes. Conversely, what of the mature, “seasoned citizen” who happens to take a liking to a pre-teen girl? He’s treated like a pariah. So, we can easily see the wisdom of bioethicist Räsänen’s beliefs. We must rid the world of the scourge of ageism if we are all to realize our dreams.
                In all seriousness, it is, of course, preposterous that people should be able to pick their own age and make it legally binding. Obvious truth is being ignored, castigated and abandoned. Progressives, who incessantly mock the “religious right” for being old-fashioned, anti-scientific rubes, are themselves guilty of wholesale anti-scientific belief and behavior in recent years. They take the most inane proclamations, ideological idiocies, as gospel, such as that a man can become a woman and vice-versa. And now this.
                If we can decide our own age, we must be able to decide in what time-period we are living—or have lived. An alternate form of time-travel essentially, one not seriously considered until now. Trans-genderism. Trans-ageism. What’s next? Trans-speciesism obviously. But what then? That can’t be the Final Frontier, can it? Perhaps we will believe we can choose our own time-space continuum, our own galaxy or universe.
                “We wish upon a star…that we might be other than what we are.” We think we have our own realities, much like we can order a “personal pan pizza.” Don’t question my reality!
                We are made of flesh and blood. Unless we don’t want to be, apparently.

    As “Dr.” Carl Sagan used to say, “We are star stuff.” Unless we’d rather be something else.

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