Wednesday, March 13, 2019

AOC Recites "Humpty-Dumpty"

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Recites “Humpty-Dumpty:”

Humpty Dumpty, like, sat on a wall (That’s dangerous! Walls are, like, bad!)
Humpty Dumpty, like, had a, you know, great fall (Serves him right, he’s like fat and white)
And like, All the King's…um…horses (Kings are, like, rich evil white men!)
And like, all the King's men (Like, guys that work for kings are, like, called vessels, I think)
Couldn't put, like, you know, Humpty together again. (whatever!)

And then it goes, like… Humpty Dumpty sat on the ground
And, like, Humpty Dumpty looked all around
Gone…umm… were, like, the chimneys (Good! They won’t be spewing smoke and toxins into the sky!)
Gone were, you know, the rooves (I don’t know what rooves are. Maybe roofs?)
All he could, like, see were buckles and, like, hooves. (Hooves? Hopefully not from, like, farting cows!)

(In the interest of fairness and equal time, please see my post of 4/23/2016: “Donald Trump Recites ‘Humpty-Dumpty’”)

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