Friday, March 1, 2019

Nancy Pelosi Confuses Holidays

                Nancy Pelosi held a public bill signing on Thursday, February 14th, during which she wished reporters a “Happy Thanksgiving.” The fact that she had previously bid everyone in attendance a “Happy Valentine’s Day” does nothing to excuse her confusion, and, in fact, makes it all the more remarkable. Near the end of the function she re-thanked everybody and said, “Again, Happy Thanksgiving!”
                Uh, Nancy, that was three months ago. Thanksgiving is a different holiday entirely, though the fact that a turkey is often the center of attention may well appeal to you.
    Anyway, the woman who is just a couple of heartbeats away from the presidency stumbled through the entirety of her remarks, frequently pausing, losing her train of thought and misspeaking. Pelosi also famously and repeatedly referred to President Trump as President Bush in the former’s first two years in office.
   Thankfully, we can look forward to her being Speaker of the House for many months yet. I’m sure she will soon wish everyone a “Very Merry Tax Day” on Christmas, “Happy Memorial Day” on Easter, and a “Blessed Ground Hog’s Day” on July 4th. I’m betting she shows up in a pink bunny suit for the House St. Patrick’s Day observance.

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